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        1. PRODUCTS
          Product name: 1,2,3-propanetriol
          English name: 1,2,3-propanetriol
          CAS RN: 56-81-5
          Molecular formula: C3H8O3
          Molecular weight: 92.09
          Properties: Colorless transparent, and viscous liquid.
          Quality index:
          Index: QB/T 2348-1997 (superior) Reducing substance: no sediment or silver mirror reaction
          Content %: ≥98. 5 Iron salt(以Fe計)mg/kg: ≤2
          Color APHA≤20 Arsenic (in As)mg/kg: ≤2
          Density (20℃)g/ml≥1.2572 Sulfate (以SO4計)%≤0.002
          Sulfate ash %≤0. 01 Readily carbonizable substance: Qualified
          Acidity or alkalinity mmol/100g≤0.06 Fatty acid or ester: Qualified
          Chloride(in cl)%: ≤0.001 Acrolein, glucose and ammonium salt: Qualified
          Heavy metal(in Pb)mg/kg:: ≤3 Packing: 30kg plastic drum or 250kg iron drum
          Use: Used in medicien and food, or general industries
          Structural formula: